Chocolate and Melt

What Chocolate To Choose To Melt?

The main characteristic of chocolates suitable for melting is its high cocoa butter content. If you do not find special chocolate pastry to melt in some cases, it is better not to do experiments, which will surely end up in the garbage can. Don’t you think of using a cup of this delicacy because it has a lot of flour and it will thicken, most likely it will burn, it is perfect, for that, to take in a good bowl with some crispy churros?

And almost all milk chocolate types are usually very good, but they have little cocoa butter, so they are great in the snack sandwich, but nothing more.

The Most Common Types Of Chocolate On The Market Used For Cooking

  • Chocolate In Coverage. It contains a minimum of 30% cocoa butter and 55% if it is black coverage.
  • Chocolate Blacktop. It has 43% cocoa and about 26% cocoa butter.
  • Bitter Chocolates. Its flavor is because it contains at least 60% cocoa.
  • Chocolate Fondant. It has 40% cocoa butter and 40% cocoa paste.

You can use the other depending on the color you want to obtain and the nuances of sweetness or bitterness that you want to achieve.

Not all chocolates melt the same, for example, the white chocolate that you can melt if you follow the following steps.

It is a type of choco very sensitive to temperature, and if it cools or heats up too quickly, so you will have to do it more carefully.

How Can Chocolate Melt Without Burning?

There are two simple and effective ways to melt chocolate: to the Maria bath, the most traditional and in the microwave, the fastest.

What you should never do is heat it directly; you’re going to load it.

The chocolates have butter content (fat) that will melt too quickly; it will stick to the bottom of the saucepan and will eventually burn.

Bain-Marie – Never Directly To Fire

  • First, we will chop or chop the chocolate, the smaller, the better. It will melt before.
  • Be careful with the knife that some chocolates are very hard and it is easy for the knife blade to slip, to settle the cutting board, it is better to be plastic and put it in a bowl that is suitable for heating. I usually use one of Ikea crystal, perfect to put later in the saucepan.
  • We put a saucepan to heat with water, more or less in half. Remember that we are going to put a bowl with weight, and it can overflow.
  • As soon as it is hot, we add it in the bowl, and when it begins to melt, we stir with a silicone spatula. Grab the bowl with a glove or dishcloth, but you will burn.
  • After about 5 minutes, it will melt completely. If you need it to remain melted for a long time, leave the bowl on the saucepan but turn off the heat.
  • The process of melted chocolate completes; now it is ready to use in your desserts.
  • You can add them in silicone molds to give them shape.
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Freeze them and relish the mouth-watering delicacy!

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