Top 5 Mouth Watering Low Carb Dessert Recipes

Low Carb Dessert Recipes

Planning on having desserts but worrying about the calories? Now with low carb dessert recipes, you can enjoy desserts fully without any worry. When you are cutting on sugar, low carb desserts come to your rescue. Low carb desserts offer essential nutrients like proteins and fiber so you can take on these without any guilt trip! These are super easy to make and are very healthy. 

Try picking between no-bake carrot cake or a light mousse, anything your heart desires. Some famous low carb dessert recipes are listed as under:

Caramel Apples

Delicious Low Carb Dessert Recipes

It forms a healthy recipe with the caramel made from dates, coconut milk, and vanilla extract. The salted rice crispy treats are given a chocolate drizzle and the toasting is done with chocolate coconut pecans and covered with chocolate peanut butter, almond cacao, and Nutella hazelnut latte. These are the small apples and the chocolate drizzling makes it so delicious that you will not want to leave it till the last bite! And its low carb dessert recipes!

Gluten-free lemon curd tart

This dessert is ideal for any brunch or after dinner or even for occasions. These cute little lemon tarts look beautiful and simple and also taste elegant. These are made using a healthy combination of lemons, almond flour, and raw honey. The topping looks amazing with sprinkles and also whipped cream goes incredibly well.

Strawberry mousse pie

The name is simply so drooling that you will want to get a taste of it! It is totally gluten-free and also crab free making for a classic dessert option. 

  • Who doesn’t like strawberries and a mousse of the same is just the perfect thing to end your meal? 
  • The mousse can be shaped any way you like and it is super airy and fluffy! It is also satisfying with the toppings of strawberries on it.

Raw carrot cake

It is a vegan recipe raw and is tangy. It is very simple to make and makes for a great breakfast! The taste breaks in when the warm spices mix up with the vanilla extract used in making the carrot cake. 

  • It’s also perfect for those who love frosting on cakes. 
  • The cake icing ratio should be 1:1 and it is a healthy option with the use of honey in it. 
  • Have a nutritious piece of carrot cake for your next dessert!

Oatmeal confetti cups

Low Carb Dessert Recipes for healthy diet!

Confetti is all fun and colorful and when mixed with oats, it becomes even better. The gluten-free oats contains extra proteins and the icing looks goo with Greek yogurt and protein powder. The base has egg yolks, vanilla almond milk, and rolled oats. Also, you can mix a few spices, and also the ending has to be given by adding the rainbow confetti. That makes up for the whole cup.

Gluten-free peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter cookies are vegan and also gluten-free and are the sweet dessert that you have been waiting on for so long. These cookies are so decadent and classy to have. They are a healthier option to have made with conventional ingredients. It is okay to go ahead and grab such a cookie.Now, these are the low carb dessert recipes you can try out. Prepare one and you will end up preparing all!

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