Top 3 Italian Fruit Desserts You Should Try In This Summers

italian fruit desserts

Have you ever tried Italian fruit desserts instead of those baked and creamy cakes and cookies? None of the things in this world can take fruits because they are widely consumed worldwide. Some people add fruits to their breakfast, cakes, even in dinner desserts. But, Italian chefs are the best in turning fruits into delicious desserts, and people are fond of Italian fruit desserts. 

Believe it or not, these fruit desserts are far more better than your choco lava cakes and truffles. The best part about these desserts is they have minimal sugar content, and all ingredients are 100% natural.

So without further ado, let’s go more deeper and learn the best Italian fruit desserts that you should try tomorrow itself. 

Vanilla Maple Mascarpone And Grilled Peaches 

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Well, isn’t this recipe sounds fruity and healthy? The peaches and maples are known as the ‘Bad Boys,’ dipped in butter and fresh coconut oil and later grilled or roasted until the texture becomes soft and juicy. The most satisfying part is roasting the maples and seeing the bright color fading and the texture becoming juicy. Isn’t it sound very interesting and satisfying?

Once the fruits are roasted, they are rested for around 15-20 minutes until the temperature comes down. You have to mix the lime juice, vanilla extract, mascarpone, and maple syrup. Gather all these ingredients and blend them until the mixture changes. 

For adding some flavor to this recipe, sprinkle cinnamon powder, and you’re all set to fall in love with this dessert. 

Kiwi Sorbet

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Undoubtedly, when you see this recipe, it looks like exotic icecream imported from Australia. Bananas are primarily used while preparing icecreams, especially in western countries. Have you ever replaced bananas with kiwis? Italian chefs have done this and introduced Kiwi Sorbet to the entire world.

In our opinion, this is the easiest and less time-consuming recipe for our list. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes to serve fresh Kiwi Sorbet to your guests. If you like creamy icecreams, add some frozen banana to your Kiwi Sorbet. For adding a personal touch, you can even add frozen yogurt for getting that tangy flavor. 

Homemade Creamy Fruit Salad 

Fruit salads are the most common dinner desserts, but are you craving something more sweeter? The homemade vanilla dressing is also necessary with this creamy fruit salad. For making vanilla dressing and fruit salad, you’ll require ingredients like cow milk, lemon zest, vanilla extract, and granulated sugar. The best part is you don’t need those sophisticated and unpronounceable ingredients for preparing this recipe. 

Plus, you can choose fruits as per your requirements and cravings. In our opinion, try some bright fruits and don’t forget to add blueberries to your fruit salad. For adding a final touch, select the dressings of your choice. 

Final Words 

Now you are all set to try the Italian fruits desserts mentioned above, and you don’t even have to compromise with your diet. We love the foodies and encouraging everyone to try these desserts in the summer heat. Hey…..also remember, you don’t need to add sugar to these desserts.

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