Tips For Making Girl Scout Cookie Desserts

girl scout cookie desserts

Desserts are the most loved sessions of the meal for most people. In fact, many start their day with a good dose of highly sweetened dishes in their mouth which keeps them charged up for the day. Now, what can be better for sweet tooth people than combining their favorite Girl Scout cookies into a well-contained serving of dessert? Here are some of the tips for making Girl Scout cookie desserts.

Folding Into Ice – Creams To Make Girl Scout Cookie Desserts

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Cookies have this specialty to be adjusted in almost any kind of dessert, even if it is a cold scoop of ice-cream. In fact, cookies serve best with a cold coffee ice cream or vanilla bean ice cream. All that needs to be done is crushing or folding them into bits (not very fine) and adding them to your favorite cup of ice-cream as a topping or submerging them half into the ice-cream.

Cupcake Pairing

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Not just with the cold desserts, cookies can be used along with cupcakes as an addition or crisping element. One can make girl scout cookie desserts by using the bits of cookies to decorate the cupcakes or can even use the cookies as a whole to add to the cupcakes with cream and other topping elements to have a wholesome. You can also make candy and cupcake mash using cookies, nuts, and other different sweet elements around.

Cookie Coatings – A Premier Means For Making Girl Scout Cookie Desserts

For adding a cookie orientation to any dish, it is a special requirement that the cookie pieces maintain their originality. This is why many of the puddings and cakes make use of cookies as a means to coat up desserts. In this way, it becomes possible to enhance the taste and orientation of the dessert with the punch of cookies distributed equitably. The coating also adds a unique texture to the dessert which enhances its appearance and presentation factors.

Cookie Salads – A New Innovation For Girl Scout Cookie Desserts

There comes an alternative for the people who love tangy twists to their desserts and sweet dishes. These cookie salads can be prepared using fermentation of farm cheese. After fermentation, cookies can be mixed in the cream and used as a filling or topping or as a substitute in salad dishes. This also adds a cracker crust to the dish along with an accompanying sweet and sour journey of the dessert salad.

Cookie Milkshakes

For those, who love to start their mornings with an essentially sweet punch but don’t get much time for the preparations. They can simply go for preparing cookie milkshakes by mixing cookies and thick milk in a mixer jar. The resulting shake becomes a much-delighting form of Girl Scout cookie desserts to give the perfect dose of sweet boost.


So in all, one can use cookies in multiple ways with the desserts. In fact, cookies make up as a perfect ingredient for partying with friends over desserts, like a café with the least effort.

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