Oreo Cookie Desserts Recipe- Things To Make

Oreo Cookie Desserts Recipe

The words Oreo and desserts are enough to make our mouths drool! So what happens when you try making amazing desserts with Oreo? Oreo is one of the most amazing ingredients that you can use to make something creative and tasty. You can add it to a milkshake and even make delicious cookies and brownies with the same. Oreo has a very unique consistency, and you can even involve your kids in the kitchen to keep them engaged. The recipes are amazing but make sure that you do not eat it all!

Cookies And Peppermint Ice Cream Cake

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If you cannot decide between cookies and ice cream, you can have it both with this recipe. You can ix crushed oreo to bring out the perfect flavor, and you will feel the explosion of taste in your mouth for sure. THere you can find a layer of fudge and creamy cake, and the ice cream will be the perfect icing on top. It is easy to make, and you will need about 45 minutes in total. 

Oreo Milkshake- Oreo Cookie Desserts Recipe

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If you dip your Oreos in milk and blend them well, the taste would be great, right! Now you can make an incredible milkshake with the help of Oreo and some more ingredients, and it is going to be the perfect summer dessert for you. You can top it off with some vanilla ice cream and push some Oreos on the top. This dessert is easy to make as well as fantastic! You will not even need five ingredients to complete the dish! 

Deep-Fried Oreos-Oreo Cookie Desserts Recipe

As silly as it might sound, deep-fried Oreos are dope! It is the all-time favorite for some crazy foodies out there and easy to make simultaneously. All you need is store-bought pancake batter, and you will be able to prepare it. Deep fry the Oreos in hot oil after you wrap them with pancake batter paste. Make sure that you do not take them out until it is golden brown. You will feel like having a dessert from the local state fair, and the taste will be incredible too!

Cookies And Cream Truffles

No wonder this is another incredible thing that you can taste and even make at home. The truffles are a straightforward dessert to make, and you can make use of the cream cheese in an optimum manner. It is best for dipping in milk chocolate, and you do not even need an oven because the refrigerator is enough to make it. You will not need many ingredients, which is again a plus.

Chocolate Hockey Pucks

This is another great recipe that you can make if you have Oreos at home. Just dunk the Oreo in hot chocolate and put some sprinkles on them. Refrigerate them until they are trustworthy, and the final look will be unique. You can even fill the Oreos with peanut butter before dunking it, and the taste is bound to be heavenly. 


Nothing can taste better if you know how to make the oreo desserts perfectly. Try implementing the Oreo cookie dessert recipe, and you can get a lot of appreciation at the party. 

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