Oreo Cookie Crust Desserts – The Tastiest Dessert

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Desserts that can be made using Oreos crust

A. Chocolate mini cheesecake made with oreo crust

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Ingredients used to prepare chocolate mini cheesecake are oreo cookies, cheesecake, sugar, eggs, ganache, whipping cream, chocolate syrup, butter, cream cheese, chocolate chips, vanilla extract and chocolate.

Steps to make chocolate mini cheesecake are…

1. Heat the oven till 300F. 

2. Butter and oreo crumbs are to be combined in a bowl.

3. Melt your chocolate chips and leave them for cooling.

4. At a low to medium speed beat vanilla, sugar and cream cheese in a large bowl to make it smooth.

5. Add some eggs into it, beat it till it gets smooth.

6. Fold the chocolate that is melted and beat it.

7. Layout the layer of oreo and let it bake for 25-30 mins. 

8. Take it out and leave it on a platter for getting cool.

9. Further transfer the ready work into the refrigerator for 3 hours at least to make it chilled.

10. To make it tastier, add some choco chips and chocolate syrup and the cake is ready to eat.

B. Oreo creampie

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Here the ingredients used to make oreo cream pie are Oreos, crust, vanilla extract, whipped cream, cream cheese, oreo cookies, sugar. If you want to make the best oreo creampie, these ingredients are a must to be used to make it.

Steps to prepare oreo creampie are…

1. To make the cream cheese fluffy, beat it till then. Add some sugar and then add some amount of vanilla extract and beat it until creamy.

2. To make peaks, whipping cream should be beaten in another bowl. It will take some minutes.

3. Mix the whipped cream with cream cheese in a spatula. Fold and combine the oreo cookies.

4. Dump the ready work into the crust and make the top smooth.

5. Don’t serve it until refrigerating it for 7 hours or more. 

7. It will be good to refrigerate it overnight.

6. Decorate your ready oreo creampie with some whipped cream and Oreos.


 Use at least 3 cups of Oreos because you love it. If you want you can replace the whipped cream with a cool whip. As you have to garnish the above topping, you can do it with Reddi – the whip.

Things to be known while preparing your desserts.

1. Ingredients that you use while preparing your dish, ensure that they are at room temperature.

2. Deal with fire and oven with great care.

3. Keep your kids away from your cooking.

4. Before making anything, you should be ready with your plans.

5. The most important thing to be kept in mind is that you should be patient while preparing your dessert.

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