How to Make Your Own Cookie Dessert Pizza and Dough Pizza

cookie dessert pizza

For a quick and delicious dessert pizza, why not try cookie dough? You’ll find in the simple recipe below, and you can either use leftovers from the cookie dough cookie recipes you already have or use it as the basis for a new recipe to come. Just be sure to bake it for a few extra minutes to allow for cooling and then add your toppings right away.

First, get some baking soda, cream cheese, and a pie crust. Get a whole package of this stuff at a store or online. Now, you need to melt the cream cheese over medium heat until it’s melted and bubbly. Next, use your fingers to mold it into shapes that you want. If you’re making a simple recipe for a cookie dough pizza, use some icing for decoration on the crust.

Once you’re done shaping it, spread the top layer of cream cheese over the top crust. This will give it a smooth top to it. Then, take the remaining cookie dough and fold it over the top layer. The folded dough will form a ring. You need to roll this out and cut it into circles.

Now you’re ready for the fun part: adding your toppings and decorating the dessert pizza. The main toppings you’re going to use are the chocolate chip, cinnamon-flavored ones (if you’re using them), but you could also add any other type of topping you want!

Cookie Dessert Pizza

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Chocolate Chip Cookies – These are easy to find, and you should have plenty of them lying around your house. Use a cookie cutter to cut out a pizza’s shape, then sprinkle on a few pizza shapes late chips. Put the chocolate chip cookie on top of the cookie, then place a few more chocolate chips on top of the pizza. The chocolate chips will hold their shape and keep it together, but won’t fall off. Repeat until you’re satisfied with the way they look.

Banana Chunks – These are quite popular and quite easy to find too. Simply buy some banana chunks, put them in a Ziploc bag, and then throw them in the oven. When they’re done, use a cookie sheet to cover them with plastic wrap, and they’ll stay perfectly together. You can even use some plastic bags to prevent them from spilling over into each other.

Mints – A mixture of vanilla extract, milk, sugar, and water will do the trick here. Simply mix up a little bit of the milk and water and make a paste of the extract and sugar. Now, spread the paste into the mixture, press it onto the bottom of the pizza dough, and add some mints and other toppings (more chocolate chips if you like).

You can even make a cookie dough pizza and freeze the slices so you’ll have some for a party. Another fun idea is to buy some ice cream cones and mix them with the topping for an awesome surprise. These are great for kids, and you can even send them to a friend if you’re having one.

Cookie Dough Ice Cream

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If you don’t have a recipe or you’re a little lazy to cook, you can just make your own ice cream by mixing up some cookie dough. Mix in a few extra sprinkles of icing and some milk. This is actually quite easy and takes only a couple of minutes. Just roll out the dough into a circle, stick it on the pan, and press a few more cookie sprinkles over it, and you’ve got a nice smooth layer of ice cream.

Chocolate Cake – A very traditional but extremely delicious treat, a chocolate cake is something every single person wants to eat. However, they’re not the easiest to make! This is where this dessert pizza comes into play!

Bottom Line

In this case, you’ll want to make some regular cookie dough cake, but then bake it a little longer than usual and then cut a circle into it. This will make the cake look like a cookie dough pizza. Then, simply add on a layer of chocolate chip cookies and place it back into the pan and let it bake at the same time.

Then add some more chocolate chips, and the cake will hold its shape perfectly and stay that way. If you like the crust, add some chocolate cake toppers, too.

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