How To Make The Best Melting Chocolate Ball Dessert

melting chocolate ball dessert

Do you adore melting chocolate ball desserts? How about trying one at home? Well, making a

Melting Chocolate Ball Recipe

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This incredible dessert presentation features a chocolate ball that covers a dessert such as ice-cream with berries, brownies, and so forth. Pouring a warm chocolate sauce on the top of the ball melts it and makes a spectacular revelation you can then eat with great relish.


8 oz. chopped white chocolate

4 oz. chopped semi-sweet milk chocolate

4 oz. semi-sweet dark chocolate

5-6 readymade brownies

1 cup heavy cream

Ice-cream and assorted berries for serving

Special Equipment Required:

Small balloons

Baking sheet

Knife or fork

Small bowls


Arrange the bowls on the baking sheet. Fill the balloons with air. Now melt the white chocolate using a double-boiled procedure. Make sure to stir it constantly. Once the chocolate is melted, set aside.

Now melt the semi-sweet milk chocolate using the same procedure. Transfer this chocolate into a piping bag and pipe it over the melted white chocolate in a zigzag design.

Take an inflated balloon and dip it into this chocolate mixture. The balloon should be dipped about 3 inches deep. Quickly rotate the balloon 90 degrees and move it such that it creates a swirl design. Now place the balloon upside down in a small bowl that rests on the baking sheet. Follow these steps for the rest of the balloons.

Freeze the balloons for about 70 minutes. Once the chocolate is hardened, prick the balloons using a knife or fork tip. Extend your fingers in the ball to lift off the balloon fragments and then again place the balls on the sheet. Keep these balls in the freezer and meanwhile do the rest preparation.

When it’s time to serve, arrange brownies on a plate. Top them with your favorite ice-cream and garnish with assorted berries. Now place the chocolate balloon or ball on the top of this dessert. Melt the semi-sweet dark chocolate. Make sure it’s hot enough to melt the ball.

Pour the melted chocolate sauce on the ball and keep pouring until the dessert is revealed. Enjoy the melting chocolate ball dessert!

Important Notes

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Use microwave for melting the chocolates if you aren’t comfortable with the double-boiler method.

After dipping the balloons in the chocolate, keep them in the freezer for 8-10 minutes and then make a small hole near the tie.

Instead of brownies, you can arrange Easter eggs along with some whipped cream. For ice-creams, you can choose vanilla, butterscotch, or any other of your choice.

Make a hot chocolate sauce either with dark chocolate or icing sugar and cocoa powder.

Achieve a marble-like effect with white and milk chocolate. It’s better to temper the chocolates to have a shiny finish on the sphere. You can also add a teaspoon of extra-virgin coconut oil to the chocolate mixture for a shiny appeal. Adding the oil will also make it easier to get the sphere out.

You can skip white chocolate and use only milk chocolate if you don’t want a marble effect.

Practice making this melting chocolate ball dessert till you achieve perfection. Experiment with different desserts such as brownies with ice-cream, cake and whipped cream, ice-cream and berries, and so on.

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