How To Cook With Summer Fruit Recipes

Fruit Desserts Recipes

There’s no better way to eat them than by using them as delicious summer fruit desserts recipes. The variety of summer fruit that you can use is almost endless. Apples, bananas, cherries, blueberries, mangoes, melons, nectarines, peaches, pears and strawberries are all possibilities. And all of them are in season at this time of year. So in just a few months Fall is here, meaning you need to get these, bright orange summer fruits out of storage and start working quickly so you can enjoy these sweet, delicious summer fruits as soon as they’re freshly available.

How Can You Take Advantage Of The Summer Fruit Recipes?

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So how can you take advantage of the summer fruit season? Here are some delicious summer fruit desserts that will warm your heart on a cool Winter’s night. These are the perfect comfort food during those long winter nights when you want to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Or serve them right off the tree when you’re hosting your own tea party and serving fudge or chocolate.

One easy summer fruit dessert recipe is called French Vanilla Pie. This is a fairly simple recipe filled with smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream and topped with a rich pasteurized cream cheese frosting. You can substitute vanilla beans or use a vanilla pod, if you don’t have any on hand. Start the pie shell out by melting some unsweetened yogurt and then pour in about one tablespoon of coffee cake mix and press it into the bottom and sides of your Graham cracker shell. Then scoop out about two cups of the coffee cake mix and gently mix it in with the Graham cracker shell to seal it. Place into your refrigerator and let it freeze until it is solid again.

Great Summer Fruit Recipes

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Another great summer fruit recipe is called Fruit Colada. This is a fresh take on the classic cappuccino. Just use brewed, hot water in a saucepan, toss in a few frozen strawberries or raspberries, and you have a delectable treat. You can top it off with cream, whipped cream, or sugar free icing and serve it chilled. If you are serving it cold, you may choose to serve it in a bowl with ice, and then serve it sliced from the fruit.

If you’re going to experiment with non-traditional summer treats like these, you may also want to try making peach cobbler or even apple crisp. Both of these recipes use a sweet tart as a base and then you add either vanilla lemon or even honey to give it an intense flavor. The result is usually a light and airy dessert that packs some serious taste punch!

Preparing Summer Fruit Recipes

Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to summer fruit recipes. You can use almost any summer fruit for savory and yet delicious desserts. One of the best ways to do this is to pair up sweet and sour. Pair a wedge of fresh summer fruit with a sweetened yogurt and you have a tangy summer fruit dessert that is both tasty and refreshing.

Another great idea for summer fruit recipes is to combine a variety of fruits, such as melons, grapes, peaches, pears, plums, and even avocados. By mixing and matching these summer fruit recipes with toppings such as fresh or dried fruit, nuts, and granola you can create many different summer fruit desserts that your family will love. They’ll never tire of fresh summer fruit salad, and they will thoroughly enjoy a slice of Pavlova.

Final Thoughts

Summer fruit recipes are just the beginning of how you can use summer fruits to transform your meals. Once you start experimenting with different combinations of summer fruits, you’ll find that you have endless possibilities for what to prepare with them. Summer fruit salads can be topped with a light coat of margarine, rolled and fried chicken, zucchini slices, or any combination. Summer fruit bakespot is filled with rich, fresh fruit baked in the oven with a light tomato sauce. Summer fruit smoothies are made by blending fresh fruits, yogurt, and a variety of fruit juices.

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