How Healthy Desserts Help You

12 Healthy Desserts That Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

Are you the person who skips all the dessert at any get-together or even at your own home?. I know it is not because you do not like it. It is good to have a concern about your health. You are so afraid that you will come up with health issues and drift you to danger. You are a lovely person. The person who concerns his health is appreciated. Now you don’t have to suffer anymore. There are plenty of healthy desserts around you. Be creative and try to make them by your selves.

How the Healthy Desserts Can Actually Help You Lose Weight?
How Healthy Desserts Can Actually Help You Lose Weight?

Healthy desserts that blow your mind away:

  • Pear/Apple – Chocolate – Small-sized Pear or Apple, peel up.Dip in dark chocolate sauce. Pour some vanilla extract on it. (160 cal)
  • Hot cocoa – 3oz of pure cocoa powder, shake with low fat skimmed milk. Add some ice. (110cal)
  • Coconut pudding – Mix 2 Tsp shredded coconut with 1/4 cup coconut milk. Add 1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese.garnished with dates. (93 cal)
  • Melt four cubes of dark chocolate. Cut a banana into small pieces, mix. Add some peanuts on top. (120 cal)
  • Yogurt mix – Spread low-fat yogurt as a bottom layer. Add blueberries. Cover with another layer of yogurt. Caramel some sugar and sprinkle over.
12 Healthy Desserts That Can Actually Help You Lose Weight
  • Add some berries, Add low-fat milk. Mix well. Refrigerate well. An option to ice cream.
  • 1/2 cup chilled low-fat yogurt blend with 1/2 cup frozen pineapples. Top up with some honey.
  • 1 bar of brownie, crush and blend with low-fat ice cream. Sprinkle with dark chocolates.
  • Fruit salad is a daily favorite. With minimum calories.
  • Oatmeal is a beautiful grain. Make oatmeal cookies with low-fat milk and peanuts.
  • Frozen bananas, cocoa powder, and nut butter. Make a dough. Sprinkle with almonds. Bake until brown.
  • Frozen fruit bars will do wonders for you.

Unique Spatula Baking Pastry Tools

The above tool makes your baking perfect. Be active. Get up your bed and go to the kitchen. Try out one of these by your hands. However, do not depend on others to do it for you.

Losing weight:

  • Nothing is impossible if you have the will power to do so. 
  • Losing weight is not an easy task. Dedicate your self. 
  • Be active. Do the right exercises regularly.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Give priority for greens and salads.
  • Be educated to find new food recipes for loose weight.
  • Avoid huge bedtime meals. Take your dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Do not overthink your problems. That will create more tension in your mind. Let the trouble pass to give some time. Don’t be a trouble to trouble.

Be optimistic: healthy desserts

Life is short. There is no time for us to waste or suffer. Try to get maximum out of it.


However, It is magic that desserts can lose weight. But remember, healthy desserts can do that magic for you for sure.

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