Healthy Smoothies And Benefits

Healthy Smoothies And Their Benefits

Healthy Smoothies are on the go staple for most of the people today. Smoothies are easy to make and they are filled with veggies and fruits. They can be ready in just a few seconds. Healthy smoothies are nothing but healthy breakfasts. But the smoothie that you prepare should have a good balance of nutrients and ingredients. It should include the right amount of healthy fats, carbs, and protein.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Smoothie is the best way to consume milk, fruit, and protein. You can also add yogurt and any other nutritious ingredient. Here are some of the best smoothie recipes.

Pear-Spinach Smoothie

How To Make Healthy Smoothies At Your Home: Know More
How To Make Healthy Smoothies At Your Home: Know More

This is one of the immune system boosting smoothies. This recipe is a balanced blend of spinach and pear and hence, it offers 25% of daily Vitamin C needs. You can add yogurt that is rich in probiotics and help strengthen the gut. Adding ginger can enhance anti-inflammatory features.

Green Ginger Smoothie

This is a perfect combination of Smith apples and baby spinach. This smoothie is in green color and it is extremely tasty. Hemp seeds are one of the main ingredients needed for this smoothie and hence it provides enough protein. Hemp seeds are also rich in magnesium, fiber, omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-3s.

Apple Crisp Smoothie

This is one of the delicious smoothies that contain apple cider vinegar as a main ingredient. Along with that you also need pecans, rolled oats, yogurt, and warming spices. You can make use of nutmeg and cinnamon. The nutrients that you can expect are beta0gluten and protein.

Banana Ginger Smoothie

This smoothie brings a lot of benefits. It is effective for nausea, heartburn, and digestion. It can also soothe many other tummy troubles. The reason behind this is the usage of fresh ginger. The ingredients needed are banana, vanilla yogurt, and one tablespoon of honey.

Orange Dream Creamsicle

This smoothie is best suitable to consume just after a workout. This is citrus-infused, low-calorie smoothie. The ingredients needed are fat-free milk, yogurt, and 2 tablespoons of orange juice concentrate. Along with these, you can add vanilla extract and ice cubes.

Green Tea, Banana, And Blueberry Smoothie

Green tea that is rich in anti-oxidant is one of the ingredients of this smoothie. Add a green tea bag to boiling water and keep it for three minutes. Now remove the green tea bag and add honey and mix until it dissolves. Now add one cup of blueberries, one banana, and one cup of calcium-fortified light vanilla soy milk. Blend all the ingredients.

Healthy Smoothies: Bottom Line

Smoothie is the best choice to be used as breakfast for people who are really busy. The preparation of smoothie demands just a few minutes. But the best part is, it is completely healthy. Smoothie is the best recipe to consume both vegetables and fruits. Another benefit of smoothie is if you learn a few recipes you can try many variations just by adding and deleting some of the ingredients.

The above-mentioned smoothies are a few of the healthiest smoothie recipes. Smoothies can bring the best results in improving your health when they are consumed at breakfast.

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