Healthy Cake Recipes

Healthy Cake Recipes: An Amazing Way To Bake

There are many healthy cake recipes available on the internet which you can prepare very easily. Almost all of us love to have cake whether it is a chocolate cake or vanilla. Recipes for healthy cake are very easy. You know, we can gain a lot of calories whenever we eat the cakes available in the market. However, you can prepare a cake with healthy ingredients that will not be high in calories. Do you know how to bake a healthy cake at home? Well, you have to read this article till the end then you can prepare this cake.

Healthy Cake Recipes: Ingredients

Whenever you want to bake a healthy cake then you should the ingredients which are healthy. You may check the books which ingredients you can use for preparing. If you have not that sufficient time to check them then, you can follow all the required steps which are mentions in the article below.


Flour is a major part of the cake. However, You can take whole wheat flour rather than normal flour. This carbohydrate is very much required for our body. You can take a cup of flour.


Moreover, you can add eggs if you like the taste of organic. Egg is essential for our body and as well as our hair, skin, and nail. Everybody should eat an egg daily so that they can save from the disease.


Without sugar, you can’t prepare a cake but you should take brown sugar or sugar-free essential rather than the sugar which is available in the market. You can add a cup of sugar to prepare the cake.


You should take ½ cup of butter to prepare a healthy cake. It can contain moisture in the surface of the cake. However, the cake will be very soft if you take the proper quantity of butter. You may buy the good quality of butter which is healthy.

Baking Soda

  You need to take baking soda around 1 teaspoon which makes your cake more spongy. Moreover, You can add some baking powder as well in the mixture.

Healthy Cake Recipes: Vanilla Essence

You can take 2 or 3 drops of vanilla essence to give a vanilla flavor in your cake. You can use the lemon essence as well. it gives a lemon flavor to your cake.

Healthy Cake Recipes: Preparation

However, you need to mix all the ingredients properly. You can blend it with your hand or electric blender. One thing you should keep in mind that you have to release all the air avoid before baking. Then you can bake it in the microwave around 30 minutes. After that, you can decorate it by frosting. You should take saturated whipped cream for the frosting. You can use the cherry or berries as well to decorate your cake. These fruits are very healthy and tasty as well. Your healthy cake is ready to serve.

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