Healthy Brownies: Easy Way

Healthy Brownies: A Super Easy Way To Make

Healthy brownies are very easy to prepare at your home. There are a lot of people who love the flavor of chocolate and they will love this brownie recipe. If you are planning to prepare a healthy brownie at home then you can read this article. I hope you will love the recipe which we have mentioned below. Brownie basically has many varieties depending on their density, weather, it may be cake or a fudgy. However, you can use the nuts, cheese in almost every recipe of brownie. You can decorate it by frosting or with cream as well.

The Ingredients Required For Brownies

You can prepare your favorite brownie with the following ingredients mentioned below.


Healthy Brownies: A Super Easy Way To Make
Healthy Brownies: A Super Easy Way To Make

Flour is a major ingredient when it comes to brownies. This contains a rich amount of carbohydrate that helps to keep your body healthy. However, you can use wheat flour to prepare brownie. You have to take 1 cup of flour for your brownie that you want to prepare.


If you want to add the organic flavor then you can add an egg to prepare healthy brownie. You can use 2 or 3 eggs for the preparation of brownie. However, a rich amount of protein and vitamins we get from an egg. It can improve our eyesight as well. We can keep our bodies healthy if we eat eggs regularly.


Butter is required to make brownies as the brownies will be soft. However, you can use the butter in less quantity. You can add ½ cup of butter in your bowl while preparing the brownies.  


However, sugar is a rich source of glucose, we can use brown sugar which is healthy rather than the normal sugar available in the market. You need to take 1 cup of brown sugar to prepare the brownie.

Cocoa Solids

This ingredient is used while making the brownies to give it a flavor. 1/3 cup cocoa solid is sufficient for brownies.

Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips can be added to the recipe for a healthy brownie. The people who are fond of chocolate love this brownie. However, you can take 1/3 cup of chocolate chips to prepare brownies. You may use these chocolate chips in the frosting.


You can use the vanilla essence in the recipe of brownie. You can use 2 or 3 drops of vanilla essence in the brownie.

Baking Powder

However, you need to take 1 teaspoon of baking soda for making brownies.

Method Of Preparation

Healthy Brownies: A Super Easy Way To Make
Healthy Brownies: A Super Easy Way To Make

You should take all the ingredients into a bowl. Moreover, you need to mix it very compactly with the help of water or you can add milk for better taste. You need to bake the mixture for 30 minutes at 350F temperature. Your brownie will be ready to serve. You can serve it with frosting and cream which your family would like the most.

Bottom Line

Brownie could be a healthy snack whenever we prepare it with all the healthy ingredients. I hope, you can prepare healthy brownies in your home which your kid and family would like very much.

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