Girl Scout Cookie Decorations For Your Scout Team

girl scout cookie desserts

They make great gifts, or you can buy them in bulk. You will be amazed at the variety of choices available to you. From fun theme flavors to savory treats, cookie varieties are endless. Here are just a few ideas.

Girl Scout Cookie Variations

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Mint Chocolate Mints: These cookies are a classic favorite and are available in a variety of flavors. There are also chocolate Mintz, Mint Mocha, and Chocolate Caramel. Caramel deLite, or Tagalongs, are two varieties that are made with chocolate chips, and are the best selling varieties in cookie season. Made with real chocolate, these cookies melt in your mouth!

Girl Scout Cookie Desserts: Lemon Shortbread Cookies Made with lemons, you will enjoy the tartness of the lemon flavors, as well as the vanilla notes from the white chocolate chips. A cookie recipe called “Lemon Shortbread” uses lemon zest and white chocolate chips to make a big, bold cookie. The cookies are usually very dark. Serve with a sliced selection of cheese. There are several different recipes online for this dessert.

Girl Scout Cookie Combos

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There are several combo flavors available for your girl scout cookies this year. The all-time favorite cookie combination is a cookie blend called Minty Glaze. This blend of white chocolate and orange flavors is a really tasty blend. You may also enjoy a delicious combination of creamy apple cider and hot chocolate or lemon chocolate and tea biscuits. Another popular combo is zesty apple crisp and fresh ginger tea. These two delicious combinations will be a big hit among your scouts this season.

Girl Scout Cookie Gifts: Your little girl will love to get a variety of special cookies and gift certificates. For example, she will love a “Power Book” with pictures of the various places the Girl Scouts has been. She will also love a “Girl Scout cookie pantyhose” with a matching top and a special tag along with her favorite cookies and a thank you note. She will also enjoy an assortment of travel tea infusers and coffee mugs. Travel cookies such as cinnamon twists or gingerbread are great for campfire mornings or overnight trips. Coffee and tea infusers are also popular as gifts for camping trips.

Choices For Gifts

There are some fun choices for gifts this year. If you are buying cookies for someone and they like to bake with chocolate, then you might want to consider purchasing them a “chocolate chip cookie set” and a “chocolate peanut butter filling.” With a “shortbread cookie” recipe that calls for white cake mix, shortbread cookies are traditionally made with white sugar. This year, you can use your favorite chocolate flavors in addition to your favorite flavor(s).


There are also many different “crafty” cookie kits available. You can get a kit that includes cookies, a mixer and a fluffing sugar which make it very easy to create your own cookies or even “chocolate gooey cake” cookies. A lot of the kits include cookies in all sorts of flavors like: dark cherry, raspberry, fresh lemon and so on. You can also get kits that have chocolate chips as well as chocolate drizzle.

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