Easily Create Your Own Delicious Baked Fruit Desserts

baked fruit desserts

Baked fruit desserts are a traditional favorite for both young and old alike. No matter how young or old you may be, you love getting out of the house and having a dessert to enjoy with friends and family. Not to mention, they are usually incredibly delicious! While most minds agree on this, sometimes just the little tart, sugary flavor of a baked treat is not satisfied by a simple bowl of sliced fruit. Fortunately, baked fruit desserts are actually quite low in sugar and fat (even fruit is already a naturally sweetener), which means that you can keep that sugary sweet tooth satisfied.

Making Ingredients

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Baked fruit desserts are made by baking bananas, peaches or some other dark dried fruits, then grating them. You may have noticed that bananas and peaches are a great combination. Why? Baked fruit dessert recipes usually start with a nice and thick sauce drizzled over the top, followed quickly with a super easy to prepare crust. The crust is typically an easily prepared flour tortilla that has been nicely heated in a microwave.

Another popular baked fruit dessert recipe starts with a fairly simple recipe – apples and butterscotch or cinnamon pudding pie. If you do not have a pie pan, you could use a round non-stick pan, or even a square griddle set. Using apples, cinnamon or butterscotch will make this dessert very rich, so you do not want to cut back on the sugary ingredients. Start with about half of the cake mix. Then, using the back end of a slotted spoon, gently mix in the pudding mix and then butterscotch or cinnamon pudding. Once this is all blended, place the finished cake mix on the center of the prepared pan and bake the cake for about 1 hour or until the cake is done.

Cobbler Crust

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One of the most popular, mouth watering baked fruit desserts is the cobbler crust. This dessert starts by mixing the cake batter, butter, and cranberry juice in a large bowl. Next, you will add sugar, baking soda, and grated peels and nuts to the mixture. You will also need an electric stand mixer, a sugar cookie recipe, and short grain brown rice.

One of the best known and often traditional cobbler recipes is calling the “cobbler crumb”. To make this dessert, you will need white sugar, unsalted butter, brown sugar, pecans, canned cranberry juice, and dried prune juice. Start by mixing the dry ingredients into the sugar and butter. Mixing them well will help prevent any lumps from occurring.

Some Best Recipes

There are many different Baked Fruit Dessert recipes. Some of the more traditional baked fruit desserts include peach cobbler, lemon pie, blueberry pie, chocolate chip pie, and strawberry shortcake. Some of these recipes are very famous and have their own unique flavors of recipes. Many people like to take out of the box and create their own special flavors of Baked Fruit Desserts and unique styles of pie crust. You can create strawberry shortcake that has no frosting or you can create a blueberry pie that is made with nothing but fresh strawberries.

You can also bake fruit for dessert by just using applesauce as a topping. You can also use any type of fruit and mix it up to create your own special flavors of Baked Pears. This Baked Pears recipe is very easy to make and will taste great. You can easily make a dessert in 15 minutes or less. This dessert is very simple to make and you will love the taste once you try it.


You can also create a Baked Fruit Dessert called, “Cobbler” which is a delicious pudding cake that you can make in a skillet. The cake can have a cream filling, or you can add pudding mix to it. You can create a “Cobbler” in only about 5 minutes from start to finish. You will love this unique baked pears recipe that is made using only a skillet.

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