Does Sweetness Really Kill? – Sweets To Eat On A Diet

Sweets To Eat On A Diet

Why do we have to have sweets to eat on a diet? Should we not be allowed to indulge in our favourite food, just because it is unhealthy? Why can’t we stop at one or two and then resume eating as normal?


Sweets To Eat On A Diet: It’s Not All About Calories

Dieting is not only about counting calories. It is also about a healthy balance between sweet and salty foods, fatty foods and unhealthy foods. Eating these kinds of foods together does not make a person lose weight, but eating these kinds of foods alone can cause serious health problems. Therefore, it is important to find an ideal balance between sweet and salty foods and unhealthy foods.

Sweets To Eat On A Diet: Confirm This Before Starting Diet

The first thing that we should consider before we start a diet is whether or not we can still enjoy sweets if we are on a diet. This is often a difficult decision to make. We usually avoid sweets but don’t think about the health implications. Our doctor can tell us the reason why we should not eat sweets, but not what to do about them.

Sweets To Eat On A Diet: Source Of The Sweet

In order to achieve a healthy balance, we should also consider the source of the sweet, whether we are going to eat the fruit, the vegetable or the candy. It is sometimes difficult to resist a strawberry in a lemon meringue pie. However, it is not healthy to eat sweets every day, because they cause a rise in blood sugar levels. They are also bad for the heart and can lead to high cholesterol.

Sweets To Eat On A Diet: Types Of Sweets

Sweets are often categorized into types. Most people will have to use their imagination when they are on a diet, and try to find the “healthy” type of sweets. For example, people on a low-carb diet will be able to eat chocolate or even dry raisins, but it is not advisable to eat chocolate on a regular basis, because this sweet can cause high blood pressure.

Choose From The Varieties

If you are not familiar with the types of healthy sweets to eat on a diet, there are still a few options available. You can choose from fruits and vegetables, which are not just a healthy choice, but also give us something to do other than simply sit in front of the TV or computer and sit through hours of adverts.

Sweets To Eat On A Diet: Apple Is A Good Choice

An apple is a good option, as well as cherries, pears, apples and many other fruits and vegetables. A lot of us will choose to eat some fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, just to keep us on a healthy diet.

Availability Of Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are always available. And they can be easily incorporated into your daily life, even though they are considered healthy snacks. Another good choice would be yoghurt. Which is packed full of protein and vitamins. And which is not very sweet at all. Yoghurt also contains lactose. So, it is also not a bad idea to take a drink of yoghurt with your coffee each morning, to avoid the caffeine intake.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also a healthy sweet, because of the high nutritional value, and because they provide the body with enough fire to keep us active and strong. And finally, eating sweets can sometimes be craving for our favourite foods, and it is easy to find the next fad food.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks can also be found at home, and we can prepare some of our favourite snacks at home, such as fresh fruit, peanut butter and cheese, carrot sticks and many other healthy snacks. It is also possible to buy packaged foods at the supermarket, which are great, but can also be quite expensive.

Does Sweetness Really Kill? - Sweets To Eat On A Diet
Does Sweetness Really Kill? – Sweets To Eat On A Diet

Empty Calories

When we eat sweets, our bodies get a lot of empty calories. But the body is still able to digest them. So the body is not in danger of storing the sugar. In fact, the body will probably absorb it faster. Because the stomach is not empty and therefore will be able to digest the sugar quicker.

The Pro Advice

Thus, it is important to find an ideal amount of sugar intake in order to be on a diet and maintain our health. There is plenty of research about this subject, and it is important to read the research and know more about our bodies and how we should control our sugar intake.

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