Delicious French Chocolate Desserts

french chocolate desserts

Chocolate is a very decadent ingredient in these desserts and are usually rich in sugar content. However, the flavor of these chocolate desserts is quite distinct and has made them a favorite amongst food lovers.

French Chocolate Cakes Have Several Variants

A cake made to look like a cup

One is the simple chocolate cake, which is a moist cake baked with chocolate sauce. The second one is the chocolate cake with a cream cheese frosting and a filling of strawberries and nuts. Yet another variation is the chocolate cake with orange zest and lemon juice.

There are various other variations of these French chocolate desserts. For instance, some of these desserts are topped with a cream cheese frosting. This is done by using soft whipped cream, chopped nuts, chopped dried fruit, and chopped apricots. It is then decorated with chocolate shavings. A more common variant is to use orange or lemon flavored jellies, poured over the cake batter and refrigerate till needed.

The price of these French chocolate desserts depends on the ingredients used to make it. A simple dessert with vanilla and cinnamon flavors costs less than a chocolate version made with chocolate. The cost is also dependent on the amount of chocolate used in making the cake. Again, the price goes up if you want a rich chocolate flavor in your dessert. The price is generally higher when you buy these sweets at the store.

Recipes That Can Be Followed For Baking French Chocolate Cakes

A close up of a piece of chocolate cake on a plate

There are many recipes that can be followed for baking French chocolate cakes. One of the popular versions is to use an orange rind and put it over the cake batter. The orange rind adds a nice flavor to the cake. You can also try adding different kinds of candied orange rinds to the cake batter. These orange rinds add a pleasant aroma to the cake.

You can also buy French chocolate cakes from the bakery shops in your area. These delicious desserts are not only mouth watering but also very budget friendly. However, there are several things you need to keep in mind before buying these desserts. Buying chocolate desserts online can be a good option as they offer a wide range of options for chocolate cakes.

Online Shopping Can Be A Good Option

Online shopping can be a good option because you can also get these delicious French chocolate desserts at discounted prices. You should also check whether the online shop delivers the products or you have to send the cakes by mail. Many of the online shops deliver the chocolate cakes safely to the address you specified. Some of these online stores also offer free shipping and gift wrapping in some of their products.


You can also take the help of the World Wide Web to find out a number of French chocolate cakes recipes. This will help you make a choice of the chocolate cake recipe that will taste good. You can also find out chocolate cake recipes for other deserts such as: chocolate fudge sundae, cinnamon hot cocoa, chocolate chip cookies, brownie pie and many more. There are also several other recipes for French chocolate desserts available online.

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