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cookie garnish for desserts

Have you ever had a baked good that needed some added sweetness and flavoring to bring out the flavor? Perhaps you have had a cookie that just needed a little extra spicing to make it more interesting or colorful. If so, then you will find that you can use cookie garnish for desserts very easily. A bit of chocolate, candy sprinkles, or even just some whipped cream is often all that it takes to jazz up your baked good. Here are a few ways that you can make this type of dessert a hit at your next cookout:

You do not have to put in too much effort when using cookie garnish for desserts. The idea is just to use what you have on hand or can easily obtain to spice up your baked goods. This does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on specialty garnishes. All you have to do is keep your eye open for what you might need, and then you can easily stock up on these items whenever you need them.

If you are serving cookies that are very plain, you can make a simple addition by using a cookie garnish that has a touch of color or taste to it. For example, if you are having white cookies, then you could add a small piece of red pepper. This will give it a little bit of color and a little bit of spiciness to it. Then you can place it on the side or top of your cookies and let people know that this is one of the flavors that they will be getting with their next bite.

Another easy way to jazz up a simple cookie is to use a cookie garnish that is made from chocolate. You can find these chocolate cookies that come already garnished, but if you are not interested in spending the extra time to do this, you can always make your own. A simple substitute would be to use a piece of candy or a piece of mints.

When it comes to serving, you should keep a few things in mind. Many people like to serve fruit garnishes, such as fresh strawberries or even chunks of candy in their desserts. There are also some people who enjoy using garnishes that are a little bit odd. For example, if you are serving raisins or goji berries in a desert then you could place them in your cookie along with a couple of sprigs of cinnamon. This can really take your dessert to the next level and make people realize that it is actually a unique and delicious desert that they will be able to enjoy for a long time to come.

These are just a few ideas that you can use in order to jazz up your simple desserts. If you are looking for something a little more creative, then you might want to try out a carrot and orange. These cookie garnishes are perfect for any type of dessert and are going to help to make your dessert look absolutely delicious. You can simply roll out the cookie and place the garnish of choice right at the edge. Once the cookie is cooled off, you can simply grab a finger and take a bite out of the cookie that has the carrot and orange filling.


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There are many different types of garnishes that you can use for your cookies and cakes, so be creative and try out as many different things as possible. After all, it is your cake, so why not let your creativity juices flow! With so many different possibilities, there is really no reason that you should not be able to come up with some fantastic cookie garnish ideas of your own. So, get to work and create a fabulous dessert and garnish for your next party!

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