Chocolate Sponge mini egg Easter cake

mini egg easter cake

Mini Egg Easter Cakes are made of chocolate sponge, topped with milk chocolate buttercream and decorated with multi-sized bright yellow chocolate mini eggs.

Although there are variations in the types of cake used, most mini egg cakes have a number of common features: they are small (typically 4 inches) round cakes iced in pastel colours with candy sprinkles on top. While many non-traditional variations exist including circular-shaped cakes or cupcakes, they are usually baked in either standard or heart-shaped pans so that the finished product resembles a ‘real’ cake. A unique variation on this theme is the “Eggette”; an individual-sized heart-shaped cake made in a muffin pan, which can be found at any Panera Bread Bistro.

The origin of the Mini Egg Easter Cake

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The exact origin of mini egg easter cakes are unknown, however, there are several theories that attempt to explain their origins. One story tells us that these small cakes were originally created by Betty Crocker for an Easter promotion in 1955. The treats came with chocolate eggs on top and were made using a special “Eggette Pan” which yielded 12 individual 4-inch round cakes. Although this account has inspired numerous variations over the years, no records exist to support its validity or any other similar claims for that matter. So while we cannot definitively say where they came from, what we do know is that mini egg cakes have been around since at least 2006 when My Little Celebration first introduced them to the world.

Mini Egg Easter Cakes Making

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Although they may not require complicated ingredients or an overly skilled baker, one of the most challenging parts of making mini egg cakes is working with the candy eggs.


Ingredients for chocolate cake batter:

– 1 Stick Butter – 1 ½ c Sugar – 2 Eggs -1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract -1/4 c Cocoa Powder- Pinch Salt- Flour enough to make a thick pancake batter consistency (about 3 cups) Ingredients for chocolate buttercream frosting :

– 5 tbsp Milk – ½ tbsp Melted Butter – 1 c Confectioners Sugar – 1 tsp Vanilla Extract -¼ c Cocoa Powder Ingredients for Decoration:

Candy sprinkles in colours matching your pan or desired colour scheme Edible glitter in colours that match your sprinkles or cake Edible gold lustre dust in your desired colour

Procedure to make Mini egg Easter cake

1. preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease and flour a 4 inch round pan with parchment paper in the bottom

2. Make the chocolate batter: Cream butter and sugar

3. Add eggs one at a time and mix well on low

4. Mix in vanilla extract

5. Sift together cocoa powder and salt, add to wet mixture 6. Slowly add flour to the thickness of the thick pancake batter

7. Pour into greased pan 8. Bake for 20 minutes 9 Check with a toothpick inserted into the centre comes out clean 10 Remove from oven, let cool completely 11 Prepare frosting by mixing all frosting ingredients over low speed 12. Increase speed to high, and beat frosting until smooth 13 Pipe a dab of frosting around the edge of cooled cake to adhere candy eggs 14 Place 2 – 3 chocolate eggs inside little indentation in the middle of the cake 15 Frost top of the cake with a thin layer, going all the way out to edges 16 Gently place sprinkles on top to cover 17 Let sit for 20 minutes 18 Using a clean paintbrush or Q tip dap tiny bit of gold lustre dust onto each egg 19 Let dry for 1 hour.

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