Chocolate Chip Cookies With Ice Cream

chocolate chip cookies with ice cream

Chocolate chip cookies with ice cream are a very popular treat. They are both tasty and moist. These cookies melt in your mouth and the chocolate can have a satisfying yet spicy taste. There is nothing quite like a chocolate chip cookie with a little ice cream. And if you like something spicy then these will certainly tickle your palate.

Most chocolate chip cookies recipes will tell you to bake the cookie dough. That’s the basics, but there are variations on the theme. The most common way to make them is to useocino cookies.

Sweet And Spicy Variation

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You can bake these at home and decorate them however you want. For a really sweet and spicy variation you can use fudge or caramel chips instead of chocolate chips. If you don’t want to make your own chocolate chip cookie dough then you can also find cookie dough that contains chocolate chips. It may take a little longer, but you can have some delicious cookies with this delicious cookie dough.

To make a traditional chocolate chip cookie you will need a cookie cutter and two bowls, a large one and a smaller one. You will also need about four ounces of instant coffee. A food processor or a blender is great for mixing all the ingredients together. Add the coffee, cocoa powder, instant chocolate, butter and a pinch of salt and mix it all together until it forms a dough.

Use a non-stick spray to spread the mixture onto the cookie dough. Bake the cookies and when they are done, allow them to cool off in the refrigerator. Using a food processor or a blender, puree the cookies and then spoon them into their individual bowl. Put the cooled cookie mixture into the serving glasses.

Add The Softened Or Melted Chocolate Into The Mix

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The ice cream recipe that you will use to dip your cookies in is easy. You will just add the softened or melted chocolate into the mix. Then, add the marshmallows and vanilla to the mixture. You will now be ready to dip your chocolate chip cookies in ice cream. Serve these cookies with a scoop of ice cream and you will have a delicious treat.

If you are in a bind and don’t have any chocolate in your house, you can always make chocolate flavored cookies. This is easy and you can find recipes online. You will need oatmeal, brown sugar, eggs, half a cup of milk and vanilla or lemon juice. Mix all of the ingredients together and then roll out the mixture and cut it into cookies.

When you are serving your cookies, place a scoop of ice cream on each one and let your guests take one or more. You will be surprised at how easy they are to make and your guests will love them. When you are done with your chocolate chip cookies, you can put them in the fridge to chill for a few hours before you serve them. You will love that there is not too much clean up involved.

Chocolate Chip Cookies With Ice Cream Are Very Easy To Make

It is easy to see how popular chocolate chip cookies have become at the holidays. They are very easy to make and your family and friends will be impressed. They are fun to snack on during the holiday season as well. You should consider trying to come up with new ideas for your chocolate chip cookies this year.

One great idea that you might want to try this year is to make your own chocolate chip cookies from scratch. You can use either sugar or cocoa powder to make your cookies. It is important that you have enough powder in your mixture so that your cookies are smooth. It is easier to make cookies that have a nice texture than ones that are lumpy.

The best chocolate chips are from the South. For years, Tennessee has been producing some of the finest chips. You will be able to find this quality chocolate at many of the leading retailers throughout the U.S. If you cannot find them in your local market, you should have no problem finding them online. Most times, you can find the chocolate chip cookie that you want by searching for them on popular search engines.

Wrapping Up

When making your own chocolate chip cookies, it is very important that you do not overcomplicate the process. A simple mix of butter, sugar, eggs, and vanilla makes a great chocolate chip cookie recipe. The secret to a successful chocolate chip cookie recipe is not to add too many unnecessary ingredients. Keep it simple and you will find that your chocolate chip cookies will be the hit of the holiday table. When you sit down to a delicious meal, people are going to ask where you had that delicious dessert.

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