Chinese Fruit Dumplings Is Easy to Make

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They are also called, Chinese food dumplings or Chinese fruit dumplings. Dumplings are simply small dumplings cooked in hot, heated oil or steam. It can be made of several types of fruits, millet, buckwheat, buckthorn, pineapples, and apricots. It has a long history that dates back to early times.

Chinese people used to wrap the fresh fruits or the dried ones in banana leaves and then leave them for several hours in the steamer. When these are done, they are boiled until they become tender and plump up. When this is done, they are then made into round, fat-free discs and cooked in a pan with some oil over medium heat. As Chinese people are health conscious, they will also add a few drops of soy sauce or vinegar to give their dumplings a more tangy taste.

Hokkien Dumplings

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Some Chinese people would serve their dumplings in a dish made from porcini mushrooms. This dish usually contains mushroom soup. Another type of dumpling is the chicken dumplings. These are called “hokkien dumplings” in China. It is filled with chicken meat and sometimes vegetables as well.

Chinese fruit dumplings are very popular all over the world. It can be found in every Chinese restaurant, especially seafood restaurants. A lot of restaurants specialize in seafood. You might see a lot of Chinese people eating crab cakes, lobster dumplings and oyster tail dumplings. They will also eat these in big portions. In some places, they serve dim sum, which is steamed fruit dumplings.

They Are Very Healthy Too

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Most Chinese people would love to eat fruit dumplings because they are very healthy too. You will not only get a satisfying meal but you can also avoid all those unwanted fats and cholesterol inside your body. The dim sum that they serve can also help you lose weight. You might have heard about dim sum being a weight loss food. Most Chinese people make it so that their food is also low in fat.

The Chinese also make their dumplings a lot different from the ones you usually find in restaurants. There are many kinds of fillings that they use. They can use any number of fillings. These fillings are made of vegetables, meats, and fruits. In some dumplings, meat is used. You can choose any fillings that you want.

The Dumplings Are Usually Steamed

The dumplings are usually steamed. In this way, you can be assured that there will be no problem with steaming them. You should also be aware that the longer steamed, the better their flavor will be. They have different tastes, even if they are made in the same way.

The preparation of these Chinese fruit dumplings is very simple too. You don’t have to deep fry or bake them. They can be made as you like them. Some Chinese people make their dumplings more spicy so that they can taste the true flavor when eaten.

When you make your dumplings, it is essential that you also include vegetables. Steamed vegetables are preferred most of the time. You could also add cooked meat. It depends on what you would prefer.

The Fresh Ones Are The Best Though

The ingredients that you need are very simple too. You need fresh fruits, steamed vegetables, chile powder, pepper, and Chinese vegetable vinegar. All you need to do is make sure that you soak your fruits until they are soft. You could also use some cooking oil.

As for the ingredients listed above, make sure that you buy them well in advance. Chinese food items sometimes go out of stock. The fresh ones are the best though. Chinese fruit dumplings are very easy to make.

Final Words

You can get your hands on this dish at your local Asian deli. They usually serve it on top of steamed white rice. For the perfect taste, it is better if you steam it up to bring out the best flavor. Chinese dumplings can be made at home too. There are a number of ways that you can make it and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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