A Variety Of Desserts You Can Make

baked fruit desserts

Baked fruit desserts are among my very favorite dessert recipes. Not only are they very easy to make, but I also like to experiment with different types of recipes. It all started when I was in college and I decided to try and create a baked dessert recipe that was unlike any other dessert had been made. In fact, it’s still one of my favorite desserts today!

Baked fruit desserts have become very popular over the last few years. The top three solutions depend on popularity, frequency and ratings. The most probable answer for the clues is APPLE TARTS. This popular sweetener is found in most baked goods and they can be used in a wide variety of recipes whether you use regular sugar or not.

Different Types Of Baked Fruit Desserts

A piece of cake on a plate

One of the most common ingredients is APPEARED Rice Crisp. Many people don’t think of APPEARED as a dessert, but it really isn’t. A lot of people serve their baked fruit desserts with rice crispy topping. This delicious dessert can come with a variety of different types of fillings such as cream cheese, sugar free cake mix, cream cheese with berries, honeycomb, raisins, crushed nuts, peaches or even macadamia nuts. You can also substitute APPEARED cereal for the cake mix if you don’t like the sweetness of the cream cheese. You can add your own dried fruit like raisins, dates, cranberries or peaches and the cereal will add texture and sweetness.

Another very popular choice for Baked Fruit Desserts are the Cobbler. These are also very simple to make. All you need to do is melt some butter and toasted bread crumbs. Then simply place the toasted bread crumbs into a food processor and process until they are a powder. Now all you have to do is add the wet ingredients into the dry and you have a coffee-flavored coffee cake!

Another favorite in the category of Baked Fruit Desserts is the Pandawood. The traditional name for this dessert is “Pizza Cobbler” but many bakers prefer to call it a “crust”. The basic ingredients that go into a Pandawood is flour, Graham cracker crumbs, and canned or fresh cranberry sauce. Many times you will find that you can buy cranberry sauce that has a high concentration of cranberries, which enhances the flavor and sweetness of the baked fruit desserts.

Some Easy Recipes To Follow

A banana sitting on top of a wooden cutting board with a cake

For some more options in Baked Fruit Dessert recipes, you can also try making a cinnamon roll or a basic apple pie crust. The recipes for these two choices are almost identical. You will want to start by preparing the basic pie crust by making a very well drained and sweetened pie crust by using Graham crackers and then rolling them out on a Graham cracker griddle. Then you will add your prepared cranberry sauce and fold in the rest of the ingredients. Next you will want to bake on 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for approximately ten to twelve minutes until done.

One other recipe that you may find from Baked Fruit Dessert recipes is the delicious peach cobbler. This recipe is very similar to the cobbler that we all enjoy at the holidays but you can make a much easier dessert by using peaches instead of the traditional muffin pan. All you have to do is purchase a piece of aluminum foil, which you can place over a muffin pan so that the pan does not touch the foil. Place one end of the cobbler into the middle of the aluminum foil and then crimp the edges of the baked fruit desserts. You can then fold the sides of the cobbler over so that the caramel drizzle is not visible.

Final Words

The final two different types of baked fruit desserts that you will come across in the many different Baked Fruit Dessert recipes are the key lime pie and the blueberry pie. These two delicious recipes are not only going to be very popular this Christmas but they are also going to be very simple to make as well. In both of these recipes you will only need to use a simple recipe and they will taste delicious and they are going to be very easy to make. There is just so much variety that you will find when you search through the many different recipes found online for unique and delicious fruit desserts.

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