A Delicious Take On The Classic Cookie Cup Dishes

cookie cup desserts

Cookie cup desserts are simply the perfect way to top off any meal. Do you know why? Simply because you could pretty much turn any of your favourite desserts into a tiny bite sized treat and they’re absolutely the perfect size for tiny hands! These Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups was inspired by my all time favorite chocolate pie that dad-in-law makes on special occasions.

Secret Of The Recipe

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I was absolutely taken by how good they came out, I have to tell you. My hubby and I would make that exact same dessert each night after dinner for months, I literally just couldn’t resist trying it. The secret was the ingredients and quite honestly, I think my hubby saved my aching heart simply because he made the effort to go and buy the limited edition cider tastings. I’ve got to tell you though, that I don’t think there’ll be many people in the house that will object to making these wonderful cookies again, I certainly haven’t had a bad experience with them in the past several years.

I am actually a huge history buff, and over the past year or so I’ve become really knowledgeable about the various historical houses of London. Being from London and not going to those amazing London museums that cost ridiculous amounts of money, I’m often at a loss about what to see and do. I recently went to the local leisure centre and was totally surprised at the quality of the attractions that are on offer there. The free guided tours included lots of beautiful places and interesting facts, and it was great to get a feel for the history of the area. One of the stops that my friend and I took turned out to be the inspiration for my latest batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies.


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we visited a historic house in north London called the White Horse. This place was a huge palace that once served as the residence of the first British Prime Minister. It’s an open air museum now, and one of the wonderful things about visiting the museum was that it gave us a fantastic opportunity to try some of the recipes that my friend had created using cider. My friend’s family had sent me a couple of sample boxes of cider back when they were visiting from America, and I decided to treat myself to a few different types of cider to see what the difference was. Here’s what happened after my delicious tasting:

First off, my tastebuds were awestruck by the sweet buns that came out of the box – and then I tried my new favourite dessert, the Cloude Mastercheese. I’d heard that this was a very traditional style of dessert, and it didn’t disappoint! The flavour was rich and buttery, and it had a very nice texture that oozed with flavour. In addition to that, it had a thick, chewy texture that was surprisingly delicate, yet at the same time very satisfying. So if you love the classic dessert style but are a little more bold, you might want to consider trying the Cloude Mastercheese instead. I’ve enjoyed many vip experiences, and this one was a memorable one!

Bottom Line

These were my top three picks for desserts in London, and I highly recommend all of them. When you’re feeling in the mood for chocolate and fancy dessert, take a drive through Bloomsbury to try some of the fantastic cookie cup cakes and pies that you’ll find there. I’m sure you’ll be back for more!

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