9 Healthy Fruit Desserts – As Healthy As Sweet!

Healthy Fruit Desserts

Craving for some healthy fruit desserts? While fruits are healthy and make incredibly delicious, but fruits and desserts together are such an amazing combination. Plan for baked apple slices with vanilla ice cream or fresh berries with honey, you will not be wanting to leave these awesome fruit desserts! These nine fruit dessert recipes are made for adding mouth watering dishes to your dessert meals:

Banana chocolate cookie ice cream dough 

Wanting to try out some food magic? Well, here it goes! You can use bananas and turn them into relishing vegan ice creams. The only key is – 

  • Blending them well with almond milk and coconut milk for making them extra creamier and smoother. 
  • Vanilla and mini chocolate chips add up the deliciousness to these cookies’ bars. 

Homemade fruit salad with vanilla dressing

Tasty Healthy Fruit Desserts!

Fruit salads are flavorsome but if you are wanting something sweeter, the perfect anecdote is vanilla dressing. 

  • The dressing made with milk, vanilla extract, lemon zest granulated sugar is sweet and tastes heavenly. 
  • Add whatever fancy fruits you want; berries surely do work best with fruit salads making them healthy fruit desserts

Poached pears with cinnamon whipped cream

Poaching sounds exciting and is very simple indeed. Just wait for the pears to simmer and you are ready with your dish! 

Poaching pears in chai gives light flavor to the fruits, perfectly matching with cinnamon whipped cream! 

Save some of the chai poaching liquid and as it cools, you can pour it over the pears while serving. 

Lime and honey grilled pineapple

These lime and honey grilled pineapples have the right amount of tart and sweetness in it, making it juicy and quite delectable. These are sweetened using honey and toasted with coconut flakes and coconut ice cream! It’s a great dessert for ending a barbeque party or even firing things up when the temperatures drop!

Raspberry rose coconut bars

Not only does this sound like a creamy delicious dream, but these coconut bars are super yummy also. It makes for palatable healthy fruit desserts made with clean ingredients. The blending of the raspberry sauce rose water and coconut flour adds in complex flavors also giving the right amount of tart. The real fancy is putting rose petals on top.  

Kiwi Sorbet

You might have heard of frozen bananas but did you know that kiwi frozen slices also can do the trick? 

  • With the right amount of tartness with added lime juice, this sorbet is so quick and easy to make. 
  • For getting a creamier delight, add in a few frozen bananas. 

Chocolate dipped banana bites

These frozen banana bites are the best way of taking chocolates in a chilled way. Give it your creation by adding a dollop of nut butter just below the chocolate layer. You can use melting chocolate in place of milk and coat it with nuts or other toppings of your choice.

Watermelon fries with coconut lime dip

Though fried, frying is not the part of the process! Thinly sliced watermelons with Mexican seasonings and coconut lime dip is no less than a perfect healthy dessert. The dip contains coconut sugar, lime, as well as coconut yogurt.

Stewed apples with warming spices

Healthy Fruit Desserts For low calorie Diet!

Warm up the apples and you get stewed apples in front of you. Blend it using ingredients like cloves, cinnamon, ginger, etc. and you can also drizzle some nut butter on top as a nice topping

If you are trying to reduce your sugar intake, try any of these low sugar fruit recipes! All these recipes can be helpful for weight loss also.

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