7 Dinner Party Desserts To Impress Your Guests!

Dinner Party Desserts

If you are having a party, a dinner party at your house or even an event with a group of people, one of the most important parts of the whole event would be the food. After all, every single meal we eat would be the one that was the best part of our day, right? This means you would want to choose the best dish that would fit well with the kind of party you have planned. So, if you are going to host a birthday party, a Christmas party, a wedding celebration, anniversary party, a baby shower, a graduation party, a bachelor party, a reunion party or even a wedding, you should definitely make sure that the Dinner Party Desserts you will serve is appropriate to the kind of party that you have planned.

Lemon Syllabub

Dinner Party Desserts Ideas
Dinner Party Desserts Ideas

Lemon Syllabub recipe sounds just like a simple and traditional English sweet and really makes a very good sweet treat for everyone’s taste buds? Serve it up as a special dessert on your table to make it a special ending to a big dinner or lunch too.

Or, why not try Classic Vanilla Panna Cottas with Port Syrup for yet another fantastic dinner party dessert? The ingredients used in making this recipe are: lemon juice, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla, lemon extract, sugar, milk, pork, and milk frother.

You can also choose from the many kinds of syrups available today like lemon syrup, buttermilk syrup, custard and cream. These syrups have different flavors and textures depending on their texture.

Lemon Syrup: 

This sweet drink is made from water, lemon juice, lemon extract, sugar, salt and ice cubes. It can also be flavored with fresh lemon peel or lemon zest for a sweeter taste. This particular drink can be served chilled when you serve it hot or even ice cold.


This dessert has already a lot of custard recipes but custard pie is one of the popular ones and it has been popular in England for many years. It is made with heavy cream cheese custard that is then topped with whipped cream, strawberries and berries.


This dessert consists of mixtures of fruits like mashed bananas, fresh berries. Moreover, whole wheat pudding and other fruits mixed together with the egg yolk, sugar and spices. When it is whipped, it makes a light, fluffy pudding. The texture of this pudding is very soft and creamy and it makes the perfect dessert for breakfast too.

Classic Vanilla Panna Cotta:

This pudding recipe includes milk and vanilla custard and has a very rich vanilla flavor that cannot be described. However, this dessert tastes like a blend of chocolate, coffee and cream, which makes it very rich and decadent. The milk used in making this dessert is called heavy cream and is made with real vanilla and sugar.

Chocolate Fondue: 

If you prefer to go all out and have a big, sumptuous chocolate fiesta for a dinner party, then having a chocolate fondue will be your best bet. There are many fondue recipes available in books, magazines and even on the internet, and most of them will make you feel decadent. After pouring in the cream with the vanilla, your guests will have a very sensuous experience. Fondue is usually served hot and is best served at room temperature.

 Dinner Party Desserts Recipe
Dinner Party Desserts Recipe


Cake is another favorite dessert and people will always have a piece of cake when they attend a party. However, if you want to have a less formal style of gathering. Or you can even serve ice cream and a glass of champagne instead.

Other desserts you can serve during a party include the fudges, cookies, cupcakes and brownies. These are some of the favorite dessert choices of guests because it is more economical and is also healthy. If you want to impress your guests, it is important that you serve as much or as little as you can in the form of desserts.

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