4 Easy Simple Fruit Dessert Recipes

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Simple fruit desserts are a great way to enjoy all the sweet tastes of summer while staying healthy. In the cooler months, fruit juices and smoothies are refreshing and delicious on their own, but adding some ice and milk can make them extra tasty and better in combination. You can usually find simple fruit desserts at farmer’s markets and specialty shops. There is a wide variety of simple fruit desserts to try, such as blueberry pie, banana split with cream, coconut cake, peaches, pears, and more.

These simple fruit desserts are easy to make, and they are very versatile too. Most of them use a combination of fruits that are not only delicious but also nutritious. Some of them are an excellent substitute for cakes, muffins, cookies, or pies because they are quick, easy, and tasty. Another great thing about them is that there are usually many of them to choose from and you can try new ones every day. Here are some simple fruit desserts that can be used over again:

Mango Pudding

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The first one is a delicious pudding dessert called Mango pudding. You just mix some ripe, plump mangoes with yogurt and then throw them into a blender or smoothie. Add some pure vanilla extract and some maple syrup, and you have a quick and delicious pudding. Mango is a very common addition to simple fruit dessert recipes. The texture is a bit different than traditional pudding recipes, so be careful how much you add.


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The second dessert is another favorite of many fruit desserts lovers. It is called cobblers and is very similar to what we know as a coffee cake. Mix the wet ingredients (fruits) into the dry ingredients (cider vinegar and sugar). Many people like to add some canned fruit in the process. This makes the fruit flavors last longer, which makes the dessert more delicious and enjoyable.

Banana And Cinnamon Syrup

The third most popular dessert recipe uses bananas and cinnamon in a simple syrup. This recipe uses both vanilla and cinnamon, which makes the finished dessert very delicious. The only problem with this dessert recipe is that it is often too sweet for some people. However, most people do enjoy the taste, and it’s easy to make

Pomegranate Caramel

The fourth and final dessert recipes we’ll discuss today use some exotic fruits in a tasty dessert. This recipe is called Pomegranate Caramel. This recipe uses frozen pomegranates and caramel sauce to create a very delicious dessert. It is vibrant, which is why it goes great with tea. Another wonderful aspect of this dessert is that you can eat the fruit itself! Some people do this quite often.

Final Thoughts

These four simple fruit dessert recipes you can make at home are delicious and fun to experiment with. If you try any of these out, you’re likely to end up making some unique desserts that you will be proud to serve your friends and family. Make sure that you use the highest quality ingredients that you can afford, and don’t forget to plan while you’re making these desserts. That way, you’ll be able to make them at specific times during the week to know exactly what to prepare for each meal that you will serve.

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